For more information, contact:

President Barbara Davis,

Secretary/Treasurer: Hilda Vivio,


2014 Chapter Dates:

April 23, 2014
Chapter meeting at Dickinson County Hospital
Time:  530 PM
Conference room to be announces
Speaker:  Ms Bonks is coming to present information on pediatric child abuse,  she is from Human Services.
Refreshments provided

August 19, 2014
Chapter meeting at Dickinson Hospital
Time: 530 PM
Meeting is being planned.  We are having a speaker on pediatric suicide, Mary Van Haute.
Refreshments provided
Anyone interested welcome

Other chapter meeting date is Oct 16, 2014.

Please stay tuned!

Chapter Meeting In Acion!

Dr. McDowell's lecture

Here's some pics from our meeting tonight.  we had 21 guests, including EMS, nursing students, respiratory therapy, and RNs.

Western Upper Peninsula ENA Team

Barb Davis, Dr. McDowell, Hilda Vivio