2018 Leadership

President: Kevin Romanchik  Kromanchik@gmail.com 

Immediate Past President: Naomi Ishioka Nishioka@beaumont.edu 586-419-3522

Treasurer: Meri Trajkovski mtrajkov@yahoo.com

Secretary: Wendi Brown rnwendi@hotmail.com 248-773-9937



Message from the President

Hello everyone!
My name is Kevin Romanchik and I recently became the President for the Huron Valley chapter of the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA). I am a currently a RN at the University of Michigan’s adult ER, and have worked in the ERs at Troy Beaumont and St. John Macomb Hospital. Over the years, I’ve been thankful to have learned so much from so many great people in this field, and am proud to have this opportunity to represent what I believe is the some of the best in the country.
Our chapter is one of largest in the Midwest, which means a lot of ground to cover and hospitals to get involved. I'm hoping to increase your emergency department’s involvement, and all of southeastern Michigan area hospitals. That means trying new things to take our chapter in a new direction. 

A few things going forward: • Attached to this email is a survey via Google Forms. This survey is incredibly important because the responses will help shape the chapter's objectives and direction going forward. I'm trying to get a gauge of what people want out of our ENA chapter (charity work, community engagement, specific lectures and topics, etc). I hear often that many people maintain an active membership but rarely get involved. That could be due to many factors -- I recognize life can be busy! I'm hopeful this survey will address those factors and provide solutions.

• The 2018 Michigan ENA Annual Spring Conference is on May 8 & 9 @ Soaring Eagle and Conference Center and it is $100 as of today. This conference is also not only very interesting and engaging, but is an easy way to get a good portion of your CEs for the 2 year period, especially if you do the review course below.

• On May 7 & 8, (day before the conference starts) is a Trauma Certified Registered Nurse (TCRN) Review Course. 13 CEs and only $125 at Soaring Eagle as well. • As we head into the spring and summer, I've thought of hosting lecture series in parks, breweries, restaurants to name of few, on top of keeping days of the week and distance in mind.

• Lastly, I'm looking to get more student nurses involved. Speaking to local colleges, emergency nursing is consistently a topic of interest. I have the idea of getting local schools of nursing programs involved to create college-specific representatives for our chapter, and hopefully have our current/future members be a resource and provide mentorship opportunities to nursing students.

Here is the link to the ENA survey. Please fill it out and give thoughtful answers if possible! I promise it is not super long at all: https://goo.gl/forms/S3QhCeBX4nzKZ3t72

Here is a link if you’re interested in joining the ENA. Please remember to select “Huron Valley” if prompted: https://www.ena.org/membership/join

Thank you for your time! Feel free to email/call/text if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

Kevin Romanchik, BSN, RN Registered Nurse University of Michigan Adult Emergency Services
President (Huron Valley Chapter / MI) Emergency Nurses Association
email: kromanchik@gmail.com cell: 586.996.1451 pager: 35060