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Advocacy is more than just understanding the issues. To make a difference, you have to make your voice heard. The involvement of individual emergency nurses is vital to the success of ENA's grassroots efforts. To assist State Councils and ENA members in developing collaborative strategies to educate colleagues and legislators on topical issues affecting emergency nursing, ENA has developing ADVOCACY PACKETS.


SB 33 - Workplace Violence Bill


Michigan Senate Bill # 33 - Work Place Violence Bill

Bill information and talking points

According to a Journal of Emergency Nursing 2014 article, in the previous year, 76.0% of emergency nurses experienced violence (verbal abuse by patients, 54.2%; physical abuse by patients, 29.9%; verbal abuse by visitors, 32.9%; and physical by visitors, 3.5%), such as shouting or yelling (60.0% by patients and 35.8% by visitors), swearing or cursing (53.5% by patients and 24.9% by visitors), grabbing (37.8% by patients and 1.1% by visitors), and scratching or kicking (27.4% by patients and 0.8% by visitors).

If you haven’t been the target of workplace violence in the past year, odds are you know someone at work who has.  Senate Bill 33 will go a long way toward stopping this trend in Michigan.  Read below to see how you can help.

SB 33 in Brief

Introduced by Senator Kenneth Horn (R-Frankenmuth)

MENA participated in a hearingJanuary 2017

The bill now needs to be voted on by the full Senate to move to the House.

Bill increases penalty for assaulting emergency personnel performing their duties as a FELONY.

The penalties imposed by law increase with the amount of harm suffered by the victim.

How you can help protect Michigan nurses and patients

Please contact your Michigan State Senator and ask them to support this important legislation.

If you have never contacted your elected officials before, don’t worry.  It is easy.  You can send them an email, call their office and ask their staff to support this bill, or even visit them in their district at their office or at their "coffee hours" held at local businesses where they speak with constituents.

If you live in Senator Horn’s district, call him and thank him for taking the lead on this important issue.

If you live in Senator Meekhof’s district (Ottawa County), ask him to bring the bill up for a vote.

Don’t worry that they might ask you a question you cannot answer.  The MENA is here to support you.  It is always okay to tell them that you don’t have that answer yourself.  Simply ask for the best way to contact them, usually by email, and tell them that you will check with MENA and get back to them with an answer.  Please make sure to send them a follow up message with the answer if you do this. Contact MENA with any questions

Powerful workplace violence youtube video.

Contact:  Brandi Uren

Public Policy Agenda

The Emergency Nurses Association publishes its Public Policy Agenda biennially to:

  • Focus and establish the priority issues to be addressed by ENA.
  • Inform members, government officials, colleague organizations, and the media about ENA's public policy concerns.
  • Provide a continuing framework for ENA to review and report on actions that address current and past policy concerns.


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