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House Bill 5592

Dear MENA Members, 

It is with great excitement that I write to inform you that a violence against healthcare workers has been introduced in the Michigan House of Representatives. House Bill 5592 and House Bill 5593 were introduced on April 26th 2016 and referred to the Criminal Justice Committee. 

Now is the time to act!  As nurses we advocate for our patients every day; now is the time to join together with our healthcare colleagues to advocate for our profession and a safe work environment. If you would like to support this bill ( which would make assaulting a healthcare worker a felony) please contact your local legislators today. You can use this website, ENA,org. to find your local representative and senator. If you have never contacted your elected officials before don't worry. It is easy. You can send them an email, call their office and ask their staff to support this bill, or even visit them in the district at their office or at their "coffee hours".

Your personal stories are the most powerful force in advocating for safe workplace. We have already collected some stories, but we need more. If you are willing to share them, you can help by sending us your story. If you have personally been the victim of an assault while working in the emergency department, we want to hear about it.. Pleas contact; Chris Baker or Brandi Uren at at Michigan ENA and let us know what happened. We can share the stories when we meet with the legislators.

Personal testimony in front of the committees will be needed. When we reach the point of having a hearing, we will be seeking volunteers that can testify in Lansing. As you know, the issues of assaults can be sensitive subject for hospitals, please ensure that your hospital is comfortable with you speaking on the issue or be prepared to describe the assault without naming your employer.

Now is the time to ACT. Now is the time for CHANGE!



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